Product: Intensive Skin Hydrating Essence

Last time, my skin was dry & oily. After using FIGURELINE products, my skin (face) looks better. My face looks brighter and more even tone. It solves my skin problem and make my skin healthier. 

by K.W Lai - Pandan Jaya, KL

Since - unknown

Product: Skin Enlivening Essence 2

My skin become more firm, lesser blackhead. Moreover, I like the smell of roses in Skin Enlivening Essence 2. Now, my skin become fairer.  

by S.C Lim - Pandan Jaya, KL

Since - unknown

Product: Collagen Plus

我喝了Collagen Plus过后,感觉皮肤和头发都变滑,皮肤美了很多。之前还没喝Collagen Plus时,皮肤都很干躁和粗糙。只喝了两个星期感觉皮肤不但不流汗和非常光滑了!我会长期喝下去!

My skin used to be rough and dry. But after consuming Collagen Plus for 2 weeks, my skin has reduced sweating and it has become much smoother. I will continue drinking it. (translated copy)

by Miko Foo - location unknown

Since - April 2012

Product: Skin Enlivening Essence


After using Skin Enlivening Essence, the number of blackheads present on my skin has been reduced, my skin texture also feels smoother. Applying make-ups are so much easier. (translated copy)

by S.H Khor - location Batu Caves

Since - unknown

Product: Oily Skin Liquid Powder


My skin condition has always been oily, hence leading to congestion issues. However after using Oily Skin Liquid Powder, my face is less oily and acne formation is reduced. I no longer require to apply make-up foundations. It is a very good and comfortable product to use. (translated copy)

by S.H Khor - location W.J Sam

Since - 2010

Product: EGF Cell Cream

I love using Figureline's EGF Cell Cream because it hydrates my face. After a month of using it, my skin condition improved and it was no longer dry and dull. My confidence has been restored and I am very happy.

by Y.F Kok - Kinrara, Selangor

Since - 2011


Established in 1995, Figureline Marketing Sdn Bhd, carries a wide range of skin care products under the brand name Figureline and Advans+K. The company is operated by a group of experience professionals consisting of dermatologists and beauty specialist whom had been providing effective skin treatment services as early as 1980. With good understanding and experience together with first hand knowledge on salon skin treatment had inspired the creation of Figureline salon skin treatment services and Figureline skin care products in 1995.